Demonstration Farm

VNGPS has launched a demonstration farm in Guede Chantier, Senegal. Its purpose is to teach farmers sustainable agricultural techniques that will increase their yields while also decreasing their dependence on expensive, synthetic chemicals.

Most farmers in northern Senegal rely on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which are very expensive and have slowly reduced the fertility of the soils. Because of this, and the increased population, malnutrition is more widespread in the region than one generation ago.

The Demonstration Farm teaches the following practices: composting, field residue retention, homemade natural pesticides, and manuring.

The Demonstration Farm is located in Guede Chantier, Senegal. The farm produces food for the families that take care of it.


With additional funding, VNGPS could build another demonstration farm in Fonde Elimon, a town 50 miles east of Guede Chantier.  A $10,000 donation would provide an 8 acre demonstration farm that would also act as a community garden for the people of Fonde Elimon and the surrounding villages.