About Us



The Green Sahel project is the product of 1.5 years of trials and research conducted by VNGPS. During that time, and with little funding, Mamadou and his team have purchased, distributed and planted over 7,000 indigenous fruit tree saplings along a 300 km stretch of land near towns along the Senegalese River, bordering Mauritania and the Sahara Desert, while simultaneously training farmers in new permaculture techniques.

Our objectives include:


  • Slowing Sahara desertification southward into the Sahel region.

    • ​Planting trees mitigates desertification when the local populous maintains the trees by incorporating sustainable practices.


  • Increasing biodiversity in the Sahel 

    • The Sahel region along the Senegal river was once a diverse forest. Now it is a desert where nothing grows except for thorn trees and short grass. The fruit trees that VNGPS plant grow well in the environment and add much needed biodiversity to the region.


  • Combating climate change

    • Trees capture carbon and live for decades.

    • Fruit trees can grow without the aid of synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals commonly used in vegetable gardens.

    • Locals appreciate the additional shade which reduces the need for human-made structures, which require fossil fuels to build.

  • Additional objectives and collateral benefits:

    • Combat malnutrition by providing new, locally-grown food sources.

    • Enhance financial stability and independence for Senegalese people by providing a new source of income.  Fruit from the trees can be sold locally or to processing facilities in large cities.