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What is the Sahel?

The Sahel is a relatively fertile region of north-central Africa that extends from Senegal to Sudan. It forms the transitional zone between the Sahara Desert to the north and the humid savannas in the south. 

What is VNGPS and the Green Sahel Project?

Volunteer Network for a Green and Prosperous Sahel (VNGPS) is an NGO (nonprofit organization) in northern Senegal founded by Mamadou Babacar Diop. Its purpose is to address the expansion of the Sahara desert and climate change, as well as malnutrition, hunger, and financial instability in the region. Our approach is to plant fruit trees in villages all along the Senegal river and to teach farmers permaculture techniques to sustainably raise their yields. VNGPS has been planting trees for 1.5 years and has been a huge success in the region. It has boots on the ground right now and wishes to expand its impact. Click "Learn More" below to find out more about how these fruit trees and agronomic practices are affecting the region and planet.

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